February 06, 2019

Serious details missing on Jagmeet Singh’s pharmacare announcement

BURNABY, BC – On February 6, 2019, Jagmeet Singh gave a press conference with an announcement on his plan to implement a costly pharmacare system across Canada.  The NDP written statement[1] was unsurprisingly light on details, especially the cost Canadians will have to bear for this.

In response, Jay Shin had the following comments:

“As someone seeking the trust of voters in Burnaby South, Jagmeet Singh should be aware that the administration of healthcare, including pharmacare, is a provincial jurisdiction. I know Mr. Singh is just visiting British Columbia for this by-election, but British Columbians are actually covered by the BC Medical Service Plan (MSP).  In fact, once Mr. Singh has finally lived here longer than six months, he’ll actually qualify for it.”

Under MSP’s fair pharmacare program, families pay a deductible at a low fraction of their net income.  There is a maximum amount that can be spent on prescription medication where patients will receive free pharmacy coverage, and this is well below the net income. 

The NDP claim that Canada does not provide pharmacare coverage for its citizens is misleading. Here in British Columbia, and indeed, other provinces, residents are provided prescription drug coverage.

The NDP announcement has been done with no consultation with Canadians who have coverage that may not want to move to a plan with less coverage, and they have not answered how such a system could be implemented. The NDP have already come to their own conclusions and want to force Canadians to shoulder the expense of their proposed program. Mr. Singh has not mentioned anything about costs, simply because he does not know what it will cost. 

Even the Trudeau Liberals have signalled a similar announcement of their own forthcoming. One thing is certain – with everything else the Trudeau Liberal government has mismanaged, you can be sure that managing a national program like this will cost much, much more.

The only result?  Higher taxes.

Jagmeet Singh is using the Burnaby South by-election to save his political life, and he will say anything to get elected, including making misleading claims and promises that can never be fulfilled.”

Unlike the Trudeau Liberals or the NDP, only Jay Shin will lower your taxes, take less off your paycheque, and help you get ahead, not just get by.

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